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Surfer surfing a wave wearing fall bay swim products




Fall Bay Swim is a female-owned business that is passionate about creating handmade, active swimwear with an eco-friendly twist. My swimwear is made from recycled nylon, and all my pieces are made to order in South Wales. I use sustainable fabrics and my products are professionally designed for comfort and style so you can concentrate solely on the surf.

Created by myself, Carys Griffiths, I wanted to combine my hobbies and my profession. My mission is to create swimwear that is designed to stand out and stand the test of time. I am committed to creating beautiful, stylish activewear that is made with quality and sustainability in mind. With years of knowledge of patternmaking, garment making and an expert eye for detail, you can rest knowing your swimwear is made with professional care and great quality control.

Being naked is the most sustainable you can get when it comes to modern day clothing. The next best thing is to wear clothing made from hemp or bamboo. While I love these fabrics, what stands up in water for durability, shape and fit, is nylon. Nylon is a man made fabric which has awful repercussions for the environment. It poisons our waterways, air and uses an insane amount of energy.


When it came to deciding on the right fabric for my products, one choice was obvious. Recycled nylon made from fishing nets, carpet waste and pre consumer waste. Not only does this fabric feel virtually the same as virgin nylon, (it's actually better in my opinion), it requires way less water, no nitrous oxide and tons less energy from the coal and oil industry. It's a no brainer! It can also be recycled again thus creating a circular loop which is key to helping protect our environment and changing the narrative about modern day materials.


Virgin nylon is also very energy hungry when it comes to creating it and the factories where recycled nylon is made, run on solar energy. So not only is the fabric itself a million times better for the environment, the factories that make them run on renewable energy, and when recycled, it also creates a circular loop.

If you'd like to know more, head to the Get in Touch page to ask me anything. To head to the shop, click here

Fishing nets

Photography by Gabriella Zagni, Clement Hodgkinson & Carys Griffiths

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