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Photography by Carys Griffiths


Nearly every woman I know has a silent battle going on in her head about baring all in a bikini. I feel like since I started making swimwear, I feel that I'm on a mission to make the women in my life feel not only comfortable in a bikini, but also CONFIDENT. It's a crazy thought, but what if we didn't have to compete with what the clothing and beauty industry deems worthy? What if we had the audacity to say 'yeah that's cool, but I have these wicked scars' or, 'she looks amazing'. Instead of judgements, how about lifting each other up and empowering that female fire? Let's face it, our allies (men) can only do so much, but the force comes from females.


I'm also a freelance photographer and if you would like to be involved in the Fall Bay Community for any modelling shoots, please get in touch! I'm always on the lookout for any ladies willing to ditch the standard beauty norms and get real in front of the camera. As cold water surfers, are we not miles away from standard beauty norms anyway? 

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